Happy New Year and THANK YOU

Two similar looking men with dark hair stand in front of square tables and a red wall with framed pictures. One man is older than the other.

Before the end of 2023, we'd like to say how much we appreciate you for coming by and enjoying donuts with your loved ones, making us a weekly (or daily!) tradition, and just generally supporting and connecting with us this year <3 

Opening a small business is a daunting task, let alone in a whole new town, let alone in a whole new state. That's a whole lotta 'let alone,' but thankfully the Poulsbo community has done the opposite and welcomed us so warmly! 

We're five months in and looking forward to continuing to improve and bring you high-quality, fresh, handmade donuts. As we say in our story, we get up at 2a every day to start preparing the dough that becomes the delicious, warm, fluffy treats we're happy to serve you. It's hard work, but seeing your positive reactions and reading your five-star reviews has been incredibly rewarding, and makes it all worth it! 

Thank you so much again for being part of our 2023. In 2024 we're hoping to offer more savory treats in addition to our smoked sausage kolaches! 

And of course, Happy New Year! 

- Lone Star Donuts Poulsbo

#WithLoveByFamily <3

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