Important Note re: DoorDash - The reason we don't have all the individual donut options listed on DoorDash is because we may have sold out of your selected donut that day. You can request certain donuts/flavors in the special request box while making your order, but it's not guaranteed we will have it (in which case we'll have the Dasher reach out to you to see if we can make a substitution).

What's a Butterfly Roll?

A Butterfly Roll starts out as a cinnamon roll, but we shape the dough into an iconic butterfly-like design before it goes in the fryer. This creates a textural difference where the flavor is still a cinnamon roll, but the bite is more donut-esque. You know how eating a maple bar is a different experience from eating a regular maple donut, even though the only difference is the shape? It's kind of like that :)

Bomba Donut

What's a Bomba?

Similar to a Butterfly Roll, the Bomba starts out as a cinnamon roll. From there, we make little cuts on the dough so it blossoms/'explodes' out when fried. Immediately out of the fryer, we coat it in cinnamon sugar before drizzling our luscious dulce de leche over the top. 


What's a kolache and how do you pronounce it?

While originally a sweet pastry from Central Europe, Czech immigrants brought the kolache (koh-LAH-chee) to the states and especially in Houston, it's become popularly known as a sausage or other meat wrapped in a semi-sweet dough. Some people think of them as hot dogs, but others say they're closer to a large pig-in-a-blanket. Either way, we love 'em!

What are those little baggies behind the counter?

Great question! Each bag contains a dozen glazed donut holes  

Why do you open and close so early?

We can definitely agree, 3p is an unusual time for a business to close! The short answer is staffing - making donuts by hand takes a LOT of skill and experience. Based on the staff we have, the early morning, early close schedule just happens to be what works for us right now, but we'd love to stay open later once that's possible :)

Where's [flavor/kind of donut]? Or why are you out of my favorite donut?

As a new small business, we've been trying to find the sweet spot in terms of variety, labor, and cost. Some donuts we've sadly had to retire, but others are seasonal and you'll likely see them again! If there's a donut you're passionate about seeing at our counter, let us know and we'll keep it in mind <3

When it comes to running out of donuts, that's the one downside to making our small batches fresh every day. We really don't want to waste any, so we try and make just enough for that day. We're always looking at our sales and trying to figure out which ones to make more or less of, and on which days. If it's not possible for you to make it in yourself early in the day, we also work with DoorDash

Are you the same family running Lone Star Donuts Silverdale/Port Orchard? 

Another great question! Technically yes. The first Lone Star Donuts was opened in Silverdale in 2022 by Omar Santiago. Omar invited his cousin's family to open and run the Poulsbo location in 2023. So it's all the same family tree, just different branches 😊

We'll work to update this page as we get other FAQs, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with your questions! We're most responsive in-person or on the phone, but have a part-time staff member checking our social media and email throughout the week. 


Thank you!